CARABAO was in town

2006-01-10 at 09:28

there was a big conzert to generate money for the school yesterday evening. the main act was CARABAO – the number one thai band for the last 10 years.

holy tree

and today archie’s mother showed up at family hut. we had a nice conversation while everybody ate breakfast at 12 in the morning. tonight is a thai wedding at our place – the girls are preparing the whole morning – gonna be fun!

I am back in Pai :-)

2006-01-09 at 13:00

all right!

holy tree

god to be back 🙂

we had a nice wellcome party till late. a lot of nice people at family hut. lots of new shops and places in town. fh is not the same anymore – only 3 bungalows left and now way to get a hammock under them – at last 50 cm of sand. and no more flowers 🙁

holy tree

2night is a big conzert inn pai – lets see what is going on!

En route to Pailand

2006-01-07 at 10:54

got up way to early and went to the weekend market to get a few t-shirt’s. now i am dog tiered again. have a bus to chinag mai tonight and hope to get to pai tomorrow.


if you need a break and you are near khao sarn rd – go into the temple and have food over there. lots of green trees and it is quite relaxing to wacht this old one while munching.

another night in bkk

2006-01-06 at 10:17

well some things work out. did meet misako and her friends yesterday night. we went to the shell station for a few drinks. lots of old school musik but a bit to loud to talk. everybody was tiered so we split early.

misako and friends

i walked with them to the chairs and had another beer – but lousy company forced me home after one beer. why not?

the chairs

i stay at the bamboo guesthouse again. the first night i had to spend in a double room for 250 bath and now i am back in my old room for 160 bath. this is about 3.20 €. got a bit more expensive but what the heck? its over the klong in a small and friendly neighbourhood street. you might want to check that out when you are here. the good thing is that not to many people know about the area and usually there is room – even when you arive after 12 am!

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