Back in Thailand – Winter 2016/2017

2017-03-14 at 08:56

Enough of the zigzagging round Europe. Time to see some sunshine and blue sky. Mid November it was – time to fly to BKK. Did book the flight quite early this year after all the cheap offers in my mail box. 528€ with Lufthansa from STR over FRA to BKK. Back BKK over ZHR to STR. Of course the cheapest offer was 430€ with China and I got it after I booked the ticket.
So my Lufthansa flight was Wednesday the 23rd and Monday evening two days before the flight Lufthansa pilots announced they will strike. Starting Wednesday! Great news!
So Lufthansa has a hotline – but only one or two people working that hotline I guess – and after about 10 to 15 minutes the computer tells you to go to the web site and change the flight yourself. So I tried the web site and the phone at the same time. Guess a few more people tried that as well. Nothing worked – every time I had changed the ticket the server gave me an error – so I looked up the Lufthansa number in New York and VOIP them. 6 minutes later I was rebooked to Swiss from STR over ZHR to BKK the same day as the original flight. No sure why Lufthansa can not even deal with a strike that they know is coming? And it was not even the first time. I really have to change back to one of the Golf airlines again.
The first leg was quite nice – small plane and all. The second leg was impossible – I had more leg room in the small propeller plane!! Absolute no space to move – and not only me. That was a quite new Boeing 777-300ER – and do you think you can move the screen? If the person in front of you leans back your movie is over – unless you lean back as well. What a BS! Even the average customer was complaining. To bad I have the same plane on the way back 🙁
The small one to Zürich
The first leg – STR to ZHR.

Adios STR
Adios STR

En route to Zürich
En route to Zürich

Guess which Airport that is
Guess which Airport that is

Swiss No Space Inside Plane
Swiss No Space Inside Plane

No space Swiss Airlines
See the old guy? He was something like 166cm and he did fit into that seat. But you are better not over 170cm! And see the screens – you can not tilt them a millimetre. So comfort in this plane: Zero as in there is none!

Had my Vegetarian Meal and two red wines. And after a movie and 2 sleeping pills I was finally sleeping a bit.

Little fluffy clouds
Little fluffy clouds


Over Thailand

Blue sky over Thailand
Blue sky over Thailand

A few seconds before touchdown in Bangkok
A few seconds before touchdown in Bangkok

Airport Transfer
The last few times I took the train down town and a taxi – this time I was lazy and took the good old mini bus again. Takes forever but you save the hassle with finding a taxi that turns on the meter at the place where they know that you are a tourist coming from the airport.

Pad Thai
My good old Noodle Lady in the park was on vacation so I had my first Pad Thai in the evening somewhere on the street.

Booze only from 11-14 and 17-24!
Booze only from 11-14 and 17-24 at 7/11! I know I do not get my beer here – I support the small shops – and they do sell the whole day as well. I was only here to get a new toothbrush – sorry small shops – only seven has it.

Leo at my favourite bar
Leo at my favourite bar: Nom Tung Loaw in the little alley next to Soi Samsen

Andy is the Man
Thank you Andy for coming over to my neck of the woods.

The boss man on the left
The boss man on the left

The next day I went to see Scott. Ended up at a Couchsurf meeting at Silom. Later we passed this – ha!

From Stuttgart to Frankfurt to Bangkok

2016-02-10 at 07:08

The last gray and cold day of 2015 in the afternoon I boarded an ICE to Frankfurt main station. There the tram to Römer and from there it is only a few more steps to Alexandra’s place. We did spend the last evening with food and wine. Walked down to the Main river a few minutes before midnight to see some fireworks. It was really foggy and loads of drunk people letting off loads of firework. Really nothing I did miss the last 20 or more years. The next morning we had breakfast and then it was time to take another tram to the main station and a S-Bahn to FRA.
Went really early to try for an exit row seat and it did work. Than I walked back to the FRA train station and had lunch at REWE.
The last good beer for a few months – and a nice option to kill some time before the first leg of the flight.

Train to Frankfurt
On the ICE from Stuttgart to Frankfurt. Most of the time a mix of white and gray clouds. Some rain from time to time. Makes it easy to say Adios Germany

Frankfurt Airport - Last good beer before Asia
In front of the REWE supermarket in FRA airport. They do have a nice buffet, loads of bread, refreshments and a wide selection of things you might left home and need the last minute for your trip

Frankfurt Airport - Another gray day
View from my exit row seat on board of flight Vietnam Airlines 36. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was fairly new. About 8.750 km or 10h 35m to the capital of Vietnam

Above the clouds - blue sky!
Above the clouds – blue sky!

Air Vietnam vegetarian meal
My vegetarian meal on the flight from Frankfurt to Hanoi

Hanoi airport - as gray as Frankfurt
Landed at 6:00 in Hanoi. That leaves 3 hours to find the next gate and browse the Duty Free. The sky as gray as Frankfurt but the temperature was 20 degrees more. Boarding at 8:30 and one hour later flight Vietnam Airlines 611, an Airbus A321 was in the air for another 970 km or 1h 50m for the second leg to Bangkok

Heart shaped river in Bangkok
Looks like a heart – what a nice welcome to Bangkok

Rriver in Bangkok

Over Bangkok
Might be shrimp farms?

Over Bangkok

Bangkok City Bus
On the way to Mochit Bus Station for the night bus to Udon Thani

Cold Leo beer
And a long day waiting it was. And the bus station is pretty boring only 7/11 food or some meat options. You have to walk to the outside of it to find a place with nice food and cold beer. Why not – there is even some sun and sky to see?

Stuttgart Expats go Frühlingsfest 2014

2014-04-28 at 10:57

Saturday over 420 members of the Facebook Stuttgart Expat group went to the Fest down to the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest. I took some pictures and want to share it with you!

Expat Stuttgart goes Wasn

Here is the link to the Album

From Stuttgart to Atlanta to New York

2013-07-26 at 13:29

Had a smooth flight from Stuttgart to Atlanta where the chaos did start. Some valve problem at one engine so we had to wait in the plane. Than – if you want to get off you can. So some people did go off again some did stay. Than everybody off the plane – you can leave your luggage. Well i did not leave it – die you ever get back on the plane and it went off?? And so it came – everybody go gate 17!
Now the guys have to get their bags – but you can not simply walk into the plane – only a hand full of passengers at a time can go. That took ages. The next plane we could not board before the girls where in it. But they where still looking over the bag thing at the other plane. When they did arrive at the end and the crew boarded they did find out that the new plane was under maintenance! WTF?? So we had to wait a bit longer to finally leave Atlanta after 4.5 hours. All we got was a 25 $ voucher for food at the airport. Hmmmm and free booze in the plane – thanks Delta!

But on the way to New York there where a few thunderstorms on my site of the plane. With the full moon above it was a great show – it might have been worth the delay. Than i had to spend 30$ instead of 2.50 to get into the city – fuck that

Matt was still up when i came in way after midnight – we did talk a bit and than i crashed – tired as a dog after a long day in the forest.

USA 2013
Take off in Stuttgart

USA 2013
Nice view down the Neckar valley – Mercedes factory on the right than wine hills

USA 2013
Stuttgart from the air

USA 2013
Start in Atlanta after 4.5 hours of delay

USA 2013
A minute before landing in La Guardia airport in New York City

USA 2013
Delta waiting area – free iPads to use for everybody!

And a little movie to give you and idea of the thunderstorm over the clouds:

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