How to install Facebook Paper outside the US

After so many of you did ask me how i installed Facebook Paper on my iPhone i made this easy to follow guide for you. It works with every free app from the Apple App Store!Facebook Paper is the new app from Facebook. I did play a bit with it and i am not sure if i will use it on the iPhone for my news feed - the screen is a bit to small but i think on an iPad it will be…

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How to make the best Italian Coffee Crema

According to Fabrizio from Milano that is! Fill to the top Put some sugar in a cup. Now put the coffee maker on the fire. Wait for the first few drops to come out and take it from the fire! These drops you put into the sugar and put the coffee maker back on the heat to finish the coffee Mix sugar and coffee well until you have a nice cream Put coffee in And mix one more time!

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