More Pictures from Kampot in Cambodia

Here are a few more pictures from my mini photo walk in Kampot. It goes together with part one! The circle with the salt miners The 2000 circle Evening class La Java Bleue - Maya does work here in the evening At the riverside promenade Waiting to get pretty again Here they did start but looks like they did ran out of money The old bridge I love these small street food places

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Pictures from Kampot in Cambodia

Since i only had a few days here i did not take to many pictures. I had only one late afternoon to walk and take a few that is. So i am happy to share them with you so you get an idea of the old part of the city down by the river. I will post a few more pictures tomorrow. Street towards the river The birds did like that place - all day long they where here Restaurant on wheels Environment friendly…

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Sunset Cruise on the River in Kampot

Since Maya has to work in the afternoon she asked me if i would accompany her mother Nana for a sunset cruise. Since i had nothing better to do i did and took a few pictures for you! That was the day before - the sunset from the riverside promenade The boat - a lot of space but it was full. Nice - it comes with a bar and food! Local fisherman heads out to the ocean to work Another tourist boat Happy Nana

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