I am in Chengdu

Dave did pick me up from the airport. went to his place for a beer than he put me into a taxi to get to XiaoLi Liu place. We went for food and the portions where too big to eat for next to nothing. i did land in the real china after all.

still i can not raplay to facebook. jens did send me some stuff – will try if it works soon. guess after hiking to the mountains.

En Route to Chengdu

At 12.30 i have my plane to Chengdu. Dave – you might remember him from the Pai / Thailand pictures a few years ago – will pick me up from the airport. He will bring me to XiaoLi Liu where i will surf her couch for the next 2 nights.
The plan is to hike with Dave for a few days to ancient villages on the way
to Suining. The sky should be clear up there – best to view the eclipse. Hope there will be no rain like the last one in Stuttgart…

The flight is canceled – now i will fly 13.15 with Air China – good for my Lufthansa Miles!
There is FREE internet at Shanghai Airport! I strongly recommend to send every airport manager here!!