En route to Pailand

got up way to early and went to the weekend market to get a few t-shirt's. now i am dog tiered again. have a bus to chinag mai tonight and hope to get to pai tomorrow. if you need a break and you are near khao sarn rd - go into the temple and have food over there. lots of green trees and it is quite relaxing to wacht this old one while munching.

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another night in bkk

well some things work out. did meet misako and her friends yesterday night. we went to the shell station for a few drinks. lots of old school musik but a bit to loud to talk. everybody was tiered so we split early. i walked with them to the chairs and had another beer - but lousy company forced me home after one beer. why not? i stay at the bamboo guesthouse again. the first night i had to spend in a double room for…

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