A few Pictures from Pai

Somehow it seems that i do nothing but than where did the time go?? Meeting friends every day - chillaxing, having beers and talk. And a lot of fun as well. More and more friends are on the way!In the Bus up from Chiang Mai to Pai My bag makes even a nice pillow Lazy Paicat in the Morning My "Welcome Back" Khao Soi At Mike's Place The new Blah Blah Bar Hello Pare View from the Bungalow Sleep well Rabbit To give you…

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A few Pix from Chiang Mai and the Ride to Pai

What a fantastic day - today. Went to bed at 3 in the morning and had a really fun night. Got up at 9 - well that is not really nice. Breakfast and some internet. Than i wanted to visit Chris - like last time he wanted to come to my place and we did meet in the middle. He was on the way to give back the motorbike so we went back to my place and took the gasoline. I can use this…

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