Happy New Year of the Ox

After breakfast with happy Chris i went with the bus to Nakhon Sawan. Nice ride and i saw a lot – usually i do this ride overnight. With the help of a tuk tuk driver a hotel was found in no time. Than it was time to go downtown. Boy everything did change a lot. Seems that it is more about shopping now. The next day i took a bus to Cham Saem and today i take a day off in his house. will stay another 2 nights. Than down to Ayutthaya for another stop before i head back to BKK.

Back in Chiang Mai

Today Caro drove us down to Chiang Mai. Than i went with Swiss-Chris and he got himself a new acer net book. nice little machine. tomorrow morning it is another bus down to Nakhon Sawan for Chinese New Year. Hope i can take a few good pictures.

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