From Khe Sanh to Phong Nha

Once again I drove from Khe Sanh to Phong Nha on this trip. I was lucky - no rain and mild weather. Checked in at the Mountain View Hotel again. Left my stuff and visited Trang at the Lemon Tree Spa. There I spend most of my time in the afternoon and evening. Found another friend at a restaurant Trang multitasking - as usual at the Spa in the evening Beer with the Avengers in the Spa. A nice place to chill with loud…

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The Khe Sanh Combat Base

The Khe Sanh Combat Base was a United States Marine Corps outpost south of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone. Its main purpose was to keep watch on NVA infiltration along the border to Laos. Fighting began there in late April 1967 but the most famous Battle started a few months later: The Battle of Keh Sanh. The Battle of Khe Sanh took place between January 21st and the 9th of July 1968. Two regiments of US Marines where defending Khe Sanh Combat Base. They where…

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From Khe Sanh to Phong Nha – The best Part of the HCM Highway

A beautiful blue morning sky over the city - the roads are dry and it was a pleasant 22 degrees. What a nice day to ride to Phong Nha on the best part of the Ho Chi Minh Highway. Monument in Khe Sanh - the first time I see it with blue sky A big lake a few kilometres after Khe Sanh - would make for a nice mountain get away on the other side of the lake. Nice lake view but if you…

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