From Buôn Ma Thuột to Đăk Hà

The next day on the way up north. Off to Đăk Hà a few more kilometres than the last few days. It was hot and dry - OK as long as you are driving. Lots of traffic in Buôn Ma Thuột - no clue where they all go. After a while it was less and less traffic. I look forward to the North of Vietnam. The few days with almost no traffic and a lot of green! Victory Monument Me Thuot or Tượng đài…

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From Lăk Lake to Kon Tum

The mission for today Lak Lake to Kon Tum. After the breakfast it was time to get the stuff on the bike. 09:00 in the morning and already 28 degrees. Another hot day! The clock 60088 KM. Coffee and Green Tea for breakfast at the Lăk Lake Open road after Lăk Lake The humble farmer - should have stopped for a talk. Fuck - missed opportunity :-( Rush hour More forest goes for Coffee A cab driver takes a picture of me taking a…

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