3 Days in Hàm Tiến

Tet - when all of Vietnam is on the road to visit family. Tet - when most of the places close down. Tet - when the price for a ticket goes up a few hundred percent. Tet - when you want to be somewhere close to a tourist spot to find some easy food options and lots of open restaurants. The first 3 days of Tet 2017 I went to Hàm Tiến to visit a friend and his family. He gave me the master…

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From Long Hải to Mũi Né

Had a good nights rest in the Hoa Sua Motel in Long Hai. Todays trip is not far so I can take it easy along the coast for most of the time. But somehow the Google lady had a mind of her own again and decided for a small detour inland. Well - you can not really look into her brain but sometimes she drives me crazy. After I found out I was too lazy to turn back and it was very hot on…

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