Winter 17/18 – Off to Vietnam

Two months in Thailand went to fast - as usual. The morning after my birthday party it was time to take a TukTuk to the airport in Chiang Mai Tuk-Tuk to the airport At NOK-Air they have Angels and Butterflies!! At Thai Lion Air they have Chinese tourists. Hmm - but they are cheaper to fly still I should look into Nok next time! The plane waiting for us to board. Have a look at the smoke in the back! A lot of space…

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Last Days in Ninh Binh

Only a few more days to go before the flight home. Drove back to Ninh Binh to my friend's place. Will park the bike there to use it next year again. The last few days the sky was nice and we even had a few blue days here. With lots of haze of course - so again - no clear sky for nice landscape pictures. Boats waiting for tourists in Tam Coc The river in Tam Coc Rice field with Hang Múa in the…

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From Ninh Binh to the Ocean View Homestay in Đồng Hới

Good morning Vietnam! Another Gray and cold day? I did not really expect it to be nice!Last breakfast, pack the bag game and everything on the bike. See you in a few weeks friends! Adios. And I was on the way. Had no real plan where to end up today but further down south was the plan. The day was still young and there is a lot of road to drive all the way to the water down south if one must. I wanted…

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