Street Food in the Old Quarter of Hội An

There are too many restaurants in Hoi An but for me Street Food in Vietnam is more interesting than a pumpkin soup with some Spanish starters. Why am I in Vietnam after all?? Did take a few pictures for you so you know what to expect if you ever stop here! One woman can carry this street food restaurant by herself from her home to the place where she sells the food. Including chairs and tables - amazing! A very small restaurant They are…

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Pictures from the Old Quarter in Hội An

The best time to take pictures of the Old Quarter in Hội An on a Gray day? The late late afternoon and evening. Stroll with me through the small streets of Hội An. Interesting Can Fence Offerings on a wall in Hoi An A random temple. In this temples you do not have to remove your shoes. Makes it more easy to visit them. Detail inside a Temple in Hoi An You have to pass the sales table before you can enter the temple…

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The bored Shopkeepers of Hội An

The Old Quarter is not the same Old Quarter any more. They did open shops and restaurants in almost all the buildings. And most of them sell the same. No wonder they do not have to many customers. So if you are the shopkeeper or work in one of the shops you do one thing for most of the day: waiting! Waiting for customers and waiting for your shift to end or waiting to close the shop in the evening. I wonder what they…

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