On the Ho Chi Minh Road from Phong Nha to Phố Châu

A Gray morning after a good nights sleep at the Mountain View Hotel in Phong Nha. Today I wanted to drive further up North to Phố Châu. Switched on the boiler and flipped open the MacBook. Catching up with the world events and emails from last night. After a few emails the water was hot and I took my shower. Went down to the restaurant for breakfast later. They serve tea or coffee and the usual Baguette with egg and a few Bananas for…

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A few days in Phong Nha

Misha was in town so we had breakfast together and took a trip with the motorbike. First stop was the city dump. They dig big holes - fill it with trash and that is it.After that we drove towards the caves and the Ho Chi Minh Highway. On the way we passed a gate. The place looked like an abandoned construction site. But the gate was open so we drove inside. After a few seconds we saw a building that was not even half-finished.…

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From Khe Sanh to Phong Nha – The best Part of the HCM Highway

A beautiful blue morning sky over the city - the roads are dry and it was a pleasant 22 degrees. What a nice day to ride to Phong Nha on the best part of the Ho Chi Minh Highway. Monument in Khe Sanh - the first time I see it with blue sky A big lake a few kilometres after Khe Sanh - would make for a nice mountain get away on the other side of the lake.Nice lake view but if you look…

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