From Phong Nha to Phố Châu

When I got up at the Thien Phu Hostel it did still drip a bit outside but the clouds where light and more white than Gray. Went down for the free breakfast and then the same old same same: pack the bag and strap it on the bike. Adios Phong Nha! The clock: 61390 kilometres The sky: Gray but no rain The road: wet Off to the mountains again Green green and more green - if only there would be a blue sky with…

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From Đồng Hới to Phong Nha

After opening the doors at the dorm of the Ocean View Homestay in Đồng Hới it was clear - another hazy day in Vietnam. Had breakfast with the little ones for the last time. Got everything on the bike and drove back up the mountain to the Ho Chi Minh Road and on towards Phong Nha.The clock: 61263 km. Another day with blue sky at the beach - here comes the morning flight. Cutting down more trees - not sure if they make way…

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