A long Weekend in France – Part 1

A few weeks after my short trip to the US I was very happy to go on a short trip to France for a few days. I had no exact plan only a hotel booked towards Bitche. When I saw a war monument from the first world war I had the idea to look a bit round the old battlefields. Visit some fortifications and grave yards. And so we did. If you plan this well you can go and explore this area for weeks…

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On the Way Back from Belgium

"Our" team did win the tournament. They guys where so happy - that was good fun. Since gas is cheap we did stop on the way back from Belgium in Luxembourg. Since it was 6 pm we did also our shopping for the evening. I had the idea that Luxembourg might be cheap in the supermarket as well. Oh boy was I wrong. The only cheap thing is liqueur that is all. The parking was completely crowded and the border to France only a…

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A few Days in Belgium

Jürgen had the idea to go to a football tournament all the way up next to Antwerp in Belgium. So we took a few days more to take the 850 km slow and stretch them over a few days - and a few more kilometers as well. Usually we move even slower than the speed limit! If you go up on the German side of the border it is like staying at home so we did cross to France for a bit of holiday…

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