Walking down Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam

Nieuwendammerdijk is a dyke or dam in the Northern IJdijk between Buiksloot and Schellingwoude. On my way from the camp ground to Amsterdam down town I crossed it to get to the ferry. Nieuwendam founded in 1514 after one of the dykes broke. At the time the dyke lay between the IJ river and fields. Most of the people here where fisherman, traders, shipbuilder and ferryman. It was an important loading port for the goods from the farms way back in the hinterland. The…

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Walking in Amsterdam

The best way to explore a city is walking the streets. This way you will see the most and have time to soak it all up. So lets walk a bit :-) Took this picture in 2011 - walked the street again and it still looks the same - almost Guess they do clean the window from time to time so they rearrange the display One smaller than the other He waits for food - looks like he waits for the next hanging The…

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Cows and a few Pictures of Amsterdam

Today Gerben took us to see some of the reclaimed land. The Dutch water management is like no other on the planet. There are pumps everywhere and water as well. Often you have on one site of the street water a metre below and on the other only a few centimetres from street level. Half of the Netherlands is reclaimed land that is only about one meter above sea level and is protected by dikes. We did stop and had a snack next to…

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