A few pictures from Artà and Alcudia

June 28, 2014 at 15:45

Another day another trip. Today we went to Artà and Alcudia with a quick stop in Capdepera. Walked a bit here and there. Had some coffee and beer. Another nice day.




Nice view!

The same guy again?

Well i wonder who goes into a church that is kilometers away from the beach like that. Or in the 1st place? Since you never know – they did put this one!

Happy Happy Kid


In case you still do not know where tis place is

The Capdepera stop

From a nice and quiet beach bar in Alcudia

There was a big Beach Volleyball tournament in Alcudia so i had to watch a bit

Magic finger action

Exhale and full power

Daytrip to Alcúdia, Pollença and Capdepera

June 25, 2014 at 14:19

Another day of exploring. Since my buddy was on the island a few times he could show me some of his favourite places. Very easy for me since usually i have to find out about the nice spots by myself and since we had a car it was super easy to get there.
Once in a while one can spoil himself i guess.

 A lake close to Escorca

 In the far distance you can see a house with a view – close to Escorca

 Turn around and you see this lovely establishment – still closed as it was not the main season

 Since they put this nice sign we did stop. In the back: our Smart

 Quick stop at Muro. Picture taken somewhere on the long long beach

 Part of the old city wall of Alcúdia

 View over Alcúdia from the old city wall

 Off to Pollença – this is a church

 Than you have to go uo and up the hill to reach another church and look down. Since we are good tourists – we did so!

 Finally you are up all the way – and can look into the little church

 Needs some work

 Than you simply go all the way down again!

 Than a quick stop in Pollença and a glas of red. As long as you look straight it is really nice

 The bar in the front and behind this very big and ugly old and closed hotel and next to it the new ugly hotel. Since this is more or less a dead-end road there is not too much traffic and if you have a room in the hotel you have a nice view over the u shaped bay at last…

 Somewhere on a small road – we tried to only stick to roads like that or even smaller ones

 Final stop for today – Capdepera

 My driver!

 Most of the beachfront bars and hotels are only 1-2 stories but there are some bigger ones as well

 Water nice and clean

 Than we went to another beach in Capdepera on the way back to our place. Clouds and wind – perfect to watch the waves for a while

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