A few quite days in Movelier Switzerland

Movelier is a small village in the district of Delémont in the canton of Jura in Switzerland. It is very close to the French border and far from everything. Mostly forest and fields the surroundings are very very green. A bit over 300 people call it home so there is not much going on the whole day.A few farmers cruise with tractors to the fields and back to the farm collecting hay for the winter season or they plow their fields. Stork and falcons…

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I have a few Tickets – The next Trips are lined up

Never get caught without a ticket in your inbox. Well there was a time when you had these paper tickets. But that is long gone - now that is a eticket! I like that as you can not loose it and do not have to take care of it.So the next trips:May 1st till 5th Switzerland - Melissa and Bernhard in Basel and than to Lara and Chris in MovelierMay 21st till June 3rd IstanbulJune 15th to 24th Paris to visit MelanieIf you are…

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On the Way to back from Spain – Cruising in Europe

After the wedding we took 4 days to drive up to Lara & Chris in Switzerland for the last stop before work in Stuttgart. First stop Barcelona Airport to drop off Tschtschenia. Than up the coast towards France for the 1st night. Than along the coast in the south of France till Nimes where we took a left and went up North. All the time we had sunny days and clear sky - great if you go in Convertible. The Mercedes Benz 220 SE…

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