How to do a proper Mountain Road – Indian Style

The other day i woke up in Dharamsala and noticed a strange smell. I did open the curtains and my eyes tried to win against the sun. There at the end of the garden - smoke and fire. A lot! But it did not get closer and it was very black smoke - so at last the garden was not on fire and i could take a shower and get ready to leave the room in search for breakfast.Later when i went down the…

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A few Pictures from Dharamsala or McLeod Ganj

Most tourists stay at McLeod Ganj where the Tibetan community has its different centers. The largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet is housed in the Tsuglagkhang Complex, right in front of Dalai Lamas residence. Since Tibet is rich in natural resources - before the Chinese nobody did mine in the country for example, forest clear-cut was not common as well - it looks like the Chinese will never leave Tibet. More and more Han Chinese come in and settle in and round the capital…

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