A few Pix from the second Day in Kathmandu

While i sit in a bus crossing Nepal's roads towards Langtang the blog works like magic and puts this post on line. I love it :-) More walking in the city More temple and stuff Oh energy saving street lamps - nice when we had power outs the last nights.... Later we went to the oldest city in Kathmandu valley for some quiet. Nice green, rice fields ready for harvest and in the distance - snow mountains

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Pix from the 1st Day in Kathmandu

Sharee took us to the "Monkey Temple" - a nice place on a hill. Of course there are monkeys Devotees Birds Old dogs Old monks Young monks A view of Kathmandu as well Small dogs Prayer flags and stupas Beeer!!! great! Regular dogs and bored monkey mamas. Not bad for the 1st day. I stay on Freak Street - no more freaks as far as i can see. This place has changed a lot. Today we went for the trekking permits for Langtang. 1st…

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