Bangkok International Airport

1st of all – thanks to everybody that shared some time with me on this trip!!!! i was a great one (well very very short that one was…) now i sit at bkk international – my flight is in a few minutes. cathay pacific gives me free internet – cheers.


got me new shades – how do you like them????


hmmmm – no tv where this guys fly……

i am off for my plane – c u again! cheers! hello stuttgart!!

Snow….. WHY????

got a email from home a few minutes ago – this is outside my door back home in stuttgart – right now 7th of march – eh i have only a few day’s left….


Chiang Mai

allready on my way down south. one night in chiang mai. found a quite little street with a few restaurants and shops. got a nice new room with toilet and hot shower for 200 bath. and today i had my 1st massage by a blind woman. interesting place cause only blind people work there.

last night on the way to the night bazar i found this place:

crazy city

well well – at last no doctor fee 🙂