50.000 Swifts

not to far from pai is a cave. in the evening after 6 about 50.000 swifts start to fly into the cave to sleep there. if you ever here – do not miss this!!

not so easy to get a nice picture – these birds are fast like bullets!

susan made a little movie little movie (mpeg 4) – there is even one accident on it – take a look!!

Driving Paistyle

yesterday evening we had some rice-wiskey with ice and tonic water. than maria came back with her ticket for the border run. she told me to get my ticket right away. so i fixed me a fresh drink and got her key for the motorbike and off i went.

now imagine to drive in your hometown with a motorbike and no helmet and a drink in the left hand to the chinese place for the ticket. than to the atm to get cash and than to the supermarket to get some credit for the phone.

i love this kind of freedom – what about you????

greets from pairadise

Happy Birthday – Marc :-)

at the little privat fire place in front of my bungalow – we had a quite drinking into it – myanmar rum n’ coke – thanks Maria and Warran !

Maria and Warran

later i stopped a few other guy’s that passed and it wen’t a bit bigger

the ice man with the ice box + the ice

than the 1st guest arrived – and look – the 1st ones from stuttgart – cheers sybille and herb!!
no idea why nobody else comes over – it iIS a nice place!

sybille and herb

and after?

the ice box

the ice box

the bar

the bar and of course lots of myanmar rum, lao kao, whiskey and gin + plenty of london cigarettes

the bar

the bar

the bar

the bar

lots of drum musik – a violin. different diggeridou (or however that is spelled…) and lots of different small instruments

and lots of people

and lots of people – guess at last 100 – comming and going till the early morning hours 🙂

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