Eli and Ivan in Pai!

as every year – I do meet eli and ivan! one night only they made it up all the way to pai! COOL!

eli and ivan

Chinese, Lahu and Lisu New Year

well – for the chinese it is now the year of the dog! the party was much smaller than last year cause the river took away a lot of the city and new buildings round the festival ground.

chinese new year

lots of dances (here kung fu)

chinese new year

than it was lahu new year – they celebate a lot longer than the chinese

lahu new year

the lahu dance around a spirit tree – with drums and flutes. funny thing: this lahu village is only a few minutes by motobike from pai. still only one other tourist there…

lahu new year

than there was also the lisu new year

lisu new year

they dance as well in circles with a flute in fron and a bigger circle around them – interesting

lisu new year

My Pai Office

well well well – all these complaining about not writing – there is no time – party party party and so many good looking girls and i have to work a bit as well. so please be nice to me – i try to update.

have a look at my pai office:

free internet and very good coffe and shakes. and lots of friendly people working there – like these two beautifull girls 🙂