From Kalaw to Mandalay

I was still waiting - and so was he As the sun was going to leave this part of the world for a few hours i climbed up to the temple on the hill - and it was full of dogs. Good night Kalaw - only 2 more hours till the bus...I told the woman i want to go with the new company - with the new bus - the good one! Well she put me in the bus from hell - so no…

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The Train from Inlay Lake to Kalaw

Hiking down to the lake we did cross the rails at the 1st day. Thinking the train takes that route up to Kalaw I decided to take it. That includes getting up when the monks collect food in the very early morning. I went out of the hotel and a taxi dropped 2 guys at the hotel. Good - I took it to the train station. Saves the walk to the Tuck Tuck station, a cold ride in the open car, changing to another…

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Today a coffee in Luang Prabang – tomorrow Vang Vieng

This is the plan - depends if i get a seat in the bus. This town is like Pai - only it is made for French tourists. All the nice original little pop & mom places are gone. They build and build and build - and everything looks the same. It does not look to bad but very very artificial. And you should see what the night market looks like. Beer Lao t-shirts and other tourist crap. Well well there goes another destination... At…

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