Trip to Lago di Garda – Part 1 – Memmingen to Nauders

Coming back from Heidelberg I was still not motivated to start working. A few days more - only a few please. So I asked my boss and he was not really happy but in the end he said: Yes. Great! (It really does help when you are your own boss!) Heike was never at the Lago di Garda so it was time to show her a bit of it. Some people have to work so we could not start before noon. And if you…

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A few Days in Heidelberg

Back in Stuttgart from the Summer 2016 trip and the sky was blue, the sun was out and it was warm - very warm. Could not really start to work with such nice Fall weather. Julie and Kaveh where in Heidelberg to visit family. A good excuse to run from work for a week. Took a Flixbus and was in Heidelberg a few hours later. They picked me up at the bus station and we went to their place. Do not remember when I…

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Summer Trip 2016 Part 4 – Berlin 2

Part 2 of my Tourist Day in Berlin. We pick it up where we left in Part 1. Humbold University Friedrich II - he does look lost? I guess it is Hermes Russian Embassy The British Embassy Lots of things going on in front of the Brandenburg Gate Why not? He is not a happy man American Embassy on the right - on the left in the back the German Parliament. We do fly 3 German flags and one European. There is still hope…

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