God Bye old Passport

The more you travel the quicker the stamps fill up the pages of your passport. Every time i have to get a new one i am not sure if i should get the one with more pages. So far i did run out of pages only 2 times. And every time i think no way - this will be enough and take the regular one. My passport is still good for 2 years but i need a new visa for India and they like…

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Next Step – The Thai Visa!

12 more days to go - time for a visa! Everything did look nice in the sky today so i took the bike and as i stepped out - rain. Only a bit so i went back in and changed into waterproof modus. Than back on the bike - sure enough the rain did stop. When i was close to the destination it did start again so waterproof was good. Took less than 10 minutes to get the visa - the guys did complain…

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