A few Pictures from the Action in Istanbul at Taksim Square and the Gezi Park

Went to Taksim today and walked a bit there - than down the road toward Tünel. People where still coming up the streets and walking towards the Square and park. I did take a few pictures! Here is a link to it: Photo Album You do not have to sign up for it! 3 nights ago i was in the park - it was a great atmosphere - despite the brutal police attack one night before Here is a link to it: Photo Album…

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A few Pictures from Yeni Camii or The New Mosque

Next stop was the New Mosque or how it is called here: Yeni Camii. Not sure why they call the Blue Mosque blue but this one is very blue as well. And way less tourists at all times. But first one has to walk there - or take the tram that goes down there as well. The famous Hagia Sophia - now a museum Someone is not to happy about the EU Some pickled vegetables at the fish stand next to the bridge The…

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