The best way from Kalaw to Inlay Lake – Part 1

The best way to get to Inlay Lake from Kalaw is not the bus or the super slow train! It is walking down. You can choose how fast you want to go. It is possible to do it in two days but why do you want to do that??? Plan at last 3 days and two nights. So you can stay a bit longer in every village you will pass on the way down to Inlay Lake. There was only one street to cross…

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Myanmar – Hiking from Kalaw to Inlay Lake

Nothing changed in Yangon since last time so I did not bother to make pictures and i do not want to bore you with the same same too much. At you find a lot of them :-)Did take the bus up to Kalaw with a stop in Pyai. Hiking from Kalaw to Inlay Lake The best way to get down to the lake is hiking. Take at last 3 days to see some of the villages along the way. At the time of…

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