From Phố Châu over Dân Lực back to Ninh Bình and a visit at Bái Đính

Had a good rest at the Ly Ha Hotel in Phố Châu. Since I had a kettle I could make some coffee in the morning. How nice if you do not have to leave the room and have a cup of coffee before you take your shower. After shower and Pack the Bag Game it was time to strap the bag on the bike.Downstairs where two more guys with bikes on their way down to Saigon. And the son of the owner as well…

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From Phong Nha to Phố Châu

When I got up at the Thien Phu Hostel it did still drip a bit outside but the clouds where light and more white than Gray. Went down for the free breakfast and then the same old same same: pack the bag and strap it on the bike. Adios Phong Nha! The clock: 61390 kilometres The sky: Gray but no rain The road: wet Off to the mountains again Green green and more green - if only there would be a blue sky with…

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