A few more days to go – India i am almost there

Ok - i have my visa for India in the new passport - nice. Today i got a bus ticket to Haridwar. Now if things get well i fly into New Delhi at 2.40 in the morning. Guess 2 hours for the bags and immigration. Than i should take it super slow and get into town. Will take the Orange Line to the train station and have breakfast at Main Basar. Sorry crazy Taxi drivers but that is the way to go down town…

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Rain – Rain – Rain

As some of you know - i do travel quite a bit. But i can not remember that i ever saw and when it was dark heard - that much rain in my life. Everything is wet and i have some socks n stuff that is wet since a week now - no clue how to dry that stuff. After the morning shower it is a great pleasure to try and dry myself with a wet towel. The rain has 3 strategies to get…

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