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In this Bar hoisted female ‘Angels’ fetch the stored Wine Bottles.

The Parkview Building in Singapore has two bars, the Divine Society and The Macallan. They occupy the lounge in this building’s lobby, along with a three-story wine depository. Now how can the waiter get a bottle of wine??? Bar patrons are served by hoisted female ‘angels’ who fetch the stored wine bottles!!!This is cool!!


Well well – Cherating is still laid back – at last in the off season. But – i can not really see a reason why one would go there in the 1st place. The beach sucks and this is the main reason to go to a beach place – is it not??. So i did…

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Winter 2008/2009 – I have a Flight

Not so easy to burn frequent traveler miles these days. was looking for a flight at the 21st of december. stuttgart to bangkok – no way! the 1st award seat was at the 24th. str-fra-bkk with lufthansa and thai. back at the 15th of march 2009 from singapore with lufthansa to frankfurt and than with…