Back in Pai

Pailand – again: left this year in march and sometimes you can not believe your own eyes! beds tripled at last. 2 more banks and lots of new buildings all over the place. guess the whole thing is going down the drain soon. but where to go next??

did meet figo and chris, terry is still there, lek and john still own my “office” family hut is nice and green now – will post some pix later.


Back in Thailand again!

This year it will be a short 8 week trip. start was in bkk as you might imagine. did meet Iveta and Jarka on the airport.


than we went downtown to the bus station. Frank did pick up a lot of stuff so we could travel light to the island. took a bus to trat and the next morning the ship to Koh Chang.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Stayed at Three House – as always – boy that place did change again. Quiet in the day but a lot of party every night.

Koh Chang

Why that rain everytime i fly in???

like a few weeks ago it is raining again in chicago when i fly in. hmmm it that a sign or is it to let me walk in the rain for ages at the car rental??

chicago rain

well – today it is sun and now i am off to do something for the economy – shopping!

chicago sun