Airport pick up in Style!

Went to Manchester / UK with Herb. Steve picked us up with one car of his fleet. A 1927 Bentley! He had the original 3.2 liter engine enlarged to 5.2 liter. this sucker really rocks! and you feel like king and queen in amerika. and since everybody and his mother get's picked up by a limo - this one was really something!!

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This is what I call a Yacht!

imagine the look on the guys face when he came round the corner with his little yacht This little sucker, the Pelorus, belongs to 39-year-old Roman Abramowich. he is in Lübeck for the World Championship. His chopper will fly him to all the games from here. The boat is the 5th biggest motor yacht in the world. This one is 115 m (377,3 ft) long. The guy owns also the 86 meter Ecstasea and the 108,30 meter Le Grand Bleu (the 6th biggest). And…

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what do you think??

i strolled a bit through the city and took a few pictures nice city eh? he he it is not one - 3 pictures 3 different places! but somehow they have so much in common if you look and walk some streets. the 1st is utrecht (dutchland) - somehow the same buildings and canals in the city. the 2nd is gedansk (poland) and the 3rd is lübeck (germanyland) - hmm the last weeks where nice cityhopping. btw. 2morrow i am off for 10 days…

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