Shark Riverside Restaurant

Judith and Andi left - so we went to Shark Riverside for the last night. Over there very good food and the best Caipirinhas in north Thailand! so we waited for the food and had a few and a few more and after the food, a few more and I guess it was at least 18 in the end. to bad that it takes about 15 minutes back to the friendly fire with a motorbike... by the way - the guy in the back…

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had 2 hours delay in Doha after 50 minutes in Frankfurt but finally i am in Bangkok! the same old smell and noise. quite tiered after the long flight without sleep. so i did the important 3 S. sleep shit and shower and now i am off to meet a friend. hope he makes it to the bar...

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getting somewhere

think the bag is full. heiko was here to pick up my g5 and the cinema display. the little PowerBook is humming. I relax and have a halbe most to rethink if I did not forget something... My old friend on the road since 1989...

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