A trip to the Islands: Büyükada

A nice day trip with the ferry boat from Istanbul to the islands. Büyükada is the biggest of the Prince Islands and the boat ride alone is worth the trip. And than a nice walk over the islands. So many of the wood houses are going south. Still a lot that are in good shape and a lot that are under renovation right now. There are no cars allowed on the island. Kind of nice but I am not sure if the horses have…

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A few Pictures from Istanbul

Walking the streets of Istanbul where i did walk a few years ago - try to find all the nice places. Some are gone and some are still there. It looks like they are renovating most of the old city to look nice for the Olympic Games candidature 2020. Well i am here now and that is what i get - still it is plenty and i am happy - considering that the average temperatures back home are 2 - 13 degrees! And here…

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