The Train from Inlay Lake to Kalaw

Hiking down to the lake we did cross the rails at the 1st day. Thinking the train takes that route up to Kalaw I decided to take it. That includes getting up when the monks collect food in the very early morning. I went out of the hotel and a taxi dropped 2 guys at the hotel. Good - I took it to the train station. Saves the walk to the Tuck Tuck station, a cold ride in the open car, changing to another…

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Trekking from Kalaw to Inlay Lake – Part 2

On the way to work It is not allowed to cut trees anymore - and did you see a lot left on the pictures?? so now the people build stone houses. Looks not so nice - but much better for the environment. Good thing that they have everything they need in front of the villages. They shred the stone and mix it with water and chalk - leave it overnight and press it the next morning. Than they let it dry for a week…

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