Print your Boarding Pass

Some airlines let you print the boarding pass up to 48 hours before you fly. If you did not choose your seat while you booked your ticket you can do so now. This way you can go to the Drop Off Counter of your air line at the air port. That should save you a lot of time since the line is usually much shorter.

If you did not book a special meal – vegan, vegetarian or ovo-lacto. You can book that with most airlines up to 48 hours before the flight.


Arrange your Airport Transportation

Did a friend tell you to drive you to the airport – make sure he does remember. Book a car or shared transportation or check how to get their with public transport. Usually you have to be 2-3 hours before the flight at the airport. If you come only 30 minutes before it is possible for the airline to give your seat to somebody else.


Pack your Carry On Bag

Passport, tickets, credit cards, cash should stay with you and i would not leave them in the carry-ons. Check the liquid allowance – you can bring a water PET bottle and fill it after security again to avoid the overpriced airport markets or restaurants. But do not think you could bring a few bottles of perfume with you.

If you do Duty Free do not open the plastic pouch they give you if you have a connecting flight!
Check with your airline about the weight and size of the carry on. Most airlines are easy but some are strict and you have to pay extra if you bring too much. But you can put all the heavy items in your jacket or trouser pocket. They can not weight your trousers after all!

Pack your Bag

Usually from and to the US your bag can weight 23 kg – for the rest of the world it is 20 kg in Economy. Some airlines allow 23 kg in general. I would never travel with such a heavy bag. But usually i bring presents to friends and it gets easy over 20 kg. Again – some airlines are cool with 1-3 kg more – other airlines will make you pay the overweight. Most of the time it is cheaper to leave that kilo behind and get it new at your destination than pay the extra.


Empty the Fridge and Freezer

Save Energy – give the food to friends or start early to empty it so you do have nothing left


Turn down Heater and Air condition

Save Energy – turn down everything to minimum

Did i forget anything? Please let me know in the comments below!!
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