After a few trips you will not need a Travel Checklist anymore. Many people do ask me what to bring and how to organize a big trip. What seems to be obvious to me is new to people who never left the US or lets say Europe. They never needed a passport, travel insurance or a visa. I compiled this list for you! The checklist does come in 3 parts. A couple of months before take off, a few weeks before take off and 48 hours before you take off.

In part 1: A few months before you go
Plan for the big trip – start early with your passport, clever route, local weather, the flight, the visa, vaccinations and medication, insurance and credit card.

In part 2: A few weeks before your Trip
The Bag, new gear, converters, scanning and emailing the passport, mail and newspapers.

In part 3: 48 hours before you go
Boarding pass, airport transportation, hotel, and more.

If you miss anything – please let me know in the comments and i shall fix it!!