Back to Manila – Stopover in Singapore and Home

The time was too short again. But this time i did see a lot more of Banaue and i was the first time in Batad. Since my mother was not doing well and in the hospital i had to cut my trip 5 weeks short and fly home. So i did email Air China at the 27th of February and got a quick reply!Dear Mr. Hastenteufel, Good morning! I have made a temporary booking for you on March 02 departure since March 01 has…

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Up to the Banaue Viewpoint

A nice half day or even day trip is a walk up to the Banaue Viewpoint. Pass the tourist office and the museum and keep walking up the mountain. You pass a lot of houses and see how the locals do their local things. Most of the small factories are right next to the house. They produce bricks, handicraft, lots of carpenters, car wash stations or mechanics. There are enough shops in case you need to hydrate. There is a construction site on the…

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