Into the Valley towards Langshisha Kharka

The next day Rebecca and I went into the Langtang valley towards the Langshisha Kharka mountain. We walked about 3 hours in and 3 hours out again. More or less it is flat - still somehow it does drain energy. We did meet this guy, 2 yak shepherds and a Russian trekker. Tranquillity in definition Youngster checking us out I love the different colours of fall - but it must be amazing to be here in spring! There are only a few yaks left…

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Trekking the Langtang – Further up to 4606 Meters

Panoramic view of the Langtang Mountain. The green peak on the right is the next stop. Almost up - 4606 meters - and the clouds did come fast now. So only a short stop. And i had the room key - Rebecca is on the way down to take a shower - not good! So i went down here and where you can see the path on the right i took a left down in the valley behind the mountain. Down here Hello world!…

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Up to 4326 meters

Only a few more meters up and we are at the last settlement in the valley. Our destination for the day. Sunshine and mild temperatures - a great day for breakfast in front of the GH. Than it was time for another hike. Rebecca and me went up to a hill with some flags on it. Looks easy but above 3500 meters the air is thin and every step up i like 10 up down at 400 or so. Also we had not really…

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