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Next Flight in the Inbox – USA i come again!

Guess i was not there for 2 years – time to have a look again! Will fly to NYC at the 24th of July. Still looking for a couch – man that is difficult. I have one for 3 days so far. Steve is out of town, Sonia does not answer her mails and i can not get a hold on Michelle. HMPF!!!
Want to spend a few days in PA at Steve’s farm. Than i fly to Los Angeles where Irene did offer to host me – great!!
Shall meet with Angie as well – lets see who else is in the city!

Stephanie is coming over at the 1st of September for our road trip to the parks of CA and around. Will fly back to NYC at the 23rd of September. Than it is back home to Stuttgart to be on time for our Hiking Holiday in Austria.

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