From Cát Bà Island back to Hanoi

Only a few more days to go. Time to drive back to Hanoi. The sky was the same Gray as usually - another good day to drive since it did not rain and it was not hot. It was only Gray and humid. And it was absolutely no sky for nice pictures - again....The clock: 62373 kilometres After coffee and a snack I did the pack the bag game and got everything on the bike. Next: cross the island and drive to Cai Vieng…

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Off to Cát Bà Island

From Chez Beo Homestay I took the QL10 to Nam Định then further the QL39A and a few other QL's towards Hai Phong. From there you have to drive over very bumpy and dusty roads to find the ferry. My Google girl was a big disappointment - she did not know nothing and was very happy to let me drive in a big circle along that dusty road. With the help of some local bicycle driving girls I made it to the ferry stop…

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