From Cau Ha to A Lưới

Got up very early today - 08:15! Shower and pack the bag game and after good-bye host I was on the road. The clock: 60768 km Back up the hill to the Ho Chi Minh Road. That stupid Google woman did trick me and changed the route on the way without telling me. I did learn today that she likes to do that from time to time. Sometimes she tell me that there is a faster route available and sometimes she just thinks she…

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From Hội An to Da Nang

After a lot of pictures in Hội An it was time to move further north. Before returning to the Ho Chi Minh Highway I had to stop for a night in Da Nang to meet Kayla. That is only a few kilometres from Hội An but worth to change the hotel so you do not have to drive back to Hội An from a night at the bar. Wet and Gray on the way - to Danang At last the beach is empty The…

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