A few Night Pix from Lijiang

Did stay the last 2 days at Piers place in Kunming. Very relaxed as he has a housekeeper that takes care of things. She walks the 2 dogs and cooks food all the time. So one can not get hungry! Now i am back in Shanghai at Petra's amd Ludger's place. The skyscrapers sparkle and the river is full of boats. And i got me a good assortment of different beer in the freezer. Things are good!! Here are a few night pictures that…

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A few Pix from Lijiang and Dali

Right now i am in Kunming at Pieres place. 2morrow it is back to Shanghai! Here a few pix from Lijiang and Dali. From Shangri-La to Lijiang Entrance to the Tiger Leaping Gore Lijiang Keiths Place Vegetable Dumpling Now would you believe it??? Went out with Monika and Alex - the guys i did meet last winter in Pai at Chris's place. At my place did stay a Scott that know how to play the guitar. So one evening we had dinner at Chris's…

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Have my Flight to Kunming!

As i had to book online and wanted to fly tomorrow morning - there where only 1st class seats possible. So now i have a 1st class seat to Kunming - great - also for my miles-and-more account. According to Dave there will be bus transportation from the airport to Dali - should be a nice drive up into the mountains.

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