From Long Hải to Mũi Né

Had a good nights rest in the Hoa Sua Motel in Long Hai. Todays trip is not far so I can take it easy along the coast for most of the time. But somehow the Google lady had a mind of her own again and decided for a small detour inland. Well - you can not really look into her brain but sometimes she drives me crazy. After I found out I was too lazy to turn back and it was very hot on…

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Hello Vietnam! Back again in Saigon and off to Long Hai

8 weeks Thailand - most of it up North in Pai. Meeting old friends and making new ones. It was a very good time - I come back again ;-)The next few days should go down like that: Fly to Saigon, find a motorbike and get out of the city before Tet starts. The goal was to get to Long Hai with my new bike in 5 days from today - the day I left Bangkok. Sure enough that is more time than you…

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