Last Morning at Chez Beo Homestay

After a few good days here at the Chez Beo Homestay it was time once again to move. Wanted to spend a few days on Cát Bà Island and a few days in Hanoi at the end of the trip. Today the sun was out so I took a few pictures of Chez Beo Homestay with blue sky. And some with the same old gray gray. Good Morning Cat! Still at the same place as last night. Good Morning Cat! Looks like she will…

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Daytrip to the Cuc Phuong National Park

Another gray morning at the Chez Beo Homestay. But it looked like it will stay dray today. Decided to go for a ride to the Cuc Phuong National Park to look for the 1000 year old tree. I gave the girl from Google Maps all the freedom and she did choose a really nice road all the way!If only the sky... First stop on the way: Hang Mua Temple - or lets say down at the temple. To get there you pass some ducks!…

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Bái Đính Temple and Phát Diệm Cathedral

This is the second part of the trip to the Bái Đính Temple. You can find the first part here: From Bái Đính Temple we went to the Phát Diệm Cathedral in Phat Diem. The Phát Diệm Cathedral pictures are in the second part of this post! Lets get back to the temple first: Bái Đính Temple

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