Bangkoks biggest fish pond
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Bangkok’s biggest Fish Pond – And it is not where you think it would be

So you have been to Bangkok a few times and you think you did see it all. And than you find something that is so Bangkok you could not dream it up yourself. At the corner of the Bang Lam Phu Intersection only a few blocks away from Khao San Road are the ruins of the New World Shopping center. I really did like that place when it was still open. The food court was all the way up and had glass on all sides. So one could enjoy the view from up there. Turned out that they did build 7 more floors than they were allowed to build. So I guess one day they did not pay off the right guy or somebody new came into office or something like that and they had to close the mall. 99 a fire raged in it and later they did start to demolish it. No only the ruins are left on the intersection. Since there is no roof rain water did fill the basement. It is said that some neighbours put some fish into the water to eat the mosquito eggs. Now the flooded 500 square meter basement serves as a home for thousands of fish.

Every year I think that it is strange that nobody does start a new building there but so far nobody did and you might be lucky as well and take a look at this unusual Bangkok attraction!

How to find Bangkok’s biggest fish pond

If you are not familiar with the area you want to find the Bang Lam Phu Intersection which is very easy. There you see the rest of this building.

Fish pond in the new world mall
This was in 2004 I think when they started to demolish the upper levels – now it is only a little bit higher than the shutters!

This was once the main entrance to the New World Shopping Mall. From this view you take a left and walk down Phra Sumen Road till you see that sign after a minute or so.

Fish pond in the new world mall

Here you take a right and you see the entrance gate on the right

Fish pond in the new world mall
You can get some fish food right at the gate.

Fish pond in the new world mall

What did you expect? Walk in and turn right!

Fish pond in the new world mall
There you are – enjoy the fish while they are still there.

Fish pond in the new world mall

Fish pond in the new world mall

Do not forget to close the gate when you walk in and out!


The fish were removed in January 2015! Here is the link to the Bangkok Post article

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