Another great Time Laps Photography Project: Asylum by Drew Geraci

Another nice time lapse photography example i found on the inter web: Asylum by Drew Geraci. I can only imagine how they took the pictures.From the description: Take a dark journey into the forgotten, where time stands still. The paint has peeled off the walls and the only occupants are the souls of those left behind. This is the Asylum. Opened in the early 1920s, the Asylum closed down and was abandoned decades ago. Rooms remain untouched - left as they were when the…

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The longest Way – A Stop Motion Movie from a Man that walked a lot in China

I wanted top do a stop motion for a long time - right now i am looking what others did to get some inspiration - so this one is the one for today!Christoph Rehage walks across China over a year and grows a big beardIn 2007 Christoph had the idea to walk from Bejing back to Germany. In the end it did not work out and he did stop his trikp in Ürümqi. In the beginning he did shave head and beard and in…

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