The longest Way – A Stop Motion Movie from a Man that walked a lot in China

I wanted top do a stop motion for a long time – right now i am looking what others did to get some inspiration – so this one is the one for today!

Christoph Rehage walks across China over a year and grows a big beard

In 2007 Christoph had the idea to walk from Bejing back to Germany. In the end it did not work out and he did stop his trikp in Ürümqi. In the beginning he did shave head and beard and in the end again. In between you can not only see his hair grow – you can see friends he made on the way and things he saw. Quite a source of inspiration.
Find his blog here: http://www.thelongestway.com/


  1. Puhhh, dagegen waere ja Zuerich::Santiago di Compostela Retour nur ein Sonntagsausflug !

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